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Utility that turns repetitive actions in a computer into a simple click

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EZ Macros is an excellent utility that turns repetitive actions on a computer such as launching programs, typing in passwords, signatures, addresses, visiting the same web site over and over, etc. into a simpler job or an automatic process. Record an activity and then re-do that process by just a hotkey combination.

If you are preoccupied about security whether this tool is used at home or for business, the user can create secure macros which are protected by a password issued by the administrator or creator, and once secured, no one can see the keystrokes that activate a secure macro. This way secure macros can only be edited, deleted, or scheduled by the creator.

Make macros for all those repetitive things and simplify the tasks by doing them with simple keystrokes. In addition you can create Menus of the macros; set up a macro to display a list of other macros to pick from when the user hits a hot key.

An example is when several email signatures are used depending the recipient (family, coworkers, boss, etc.). Hit a hot key and display a menu of signatures. Furthermore the user can convert a macro to an EXE, and then send that EXE to anyone.

Raul Iniguez
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  • Records repetitive tasks in a macro
  • Customize keystroke combinations
  • Simplify and save time
  • Automatize processes


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